UI Works Trial

May-Sep 2020 (5 months) | Internship
Project Overview & Outcome
Compilation of many projects that I worked on during my internship.
My Contributions
UX Audit, Task Analysis, Journey Redesign

Redesigning the interactive learning web-app by Quest Alliance.

Home screen is the first page that the learners land on after logging into the app. Owing to the target audience of the app, the navigation to further pages (Library, Community, etc.) had to be extremely easy and intuitive, to avoid any confusion and frustrations.

The user flows had to be very simple and straightforward owing to the low tech exposure & computer literacy. Student progress tracking were added at each step to keep the learners encouraged and motivated.

Student Library is where all the learning happens.The Library consists of 6 "Subjects", that further have numerous "Courses" inside them. Each "Course" consists of interactive video lessons, regular assessments and textual resources for further reading.

Quickik App : Waiting time gamified!

Quickik is a maths solution app. Loading time for solutions can be tedious. Here, small puzzles cut the tedious wait and keep the users engaged.

Aditya Birla Health Insurance : 404 Error Page

During my internship, I designed a 404 Error Page for the brand Aditya Birla Health Insurance. They believe in promoting a healthy lifestyle for their users along with services. The below idea was generated along the lines of what they wish to encourage.

Risk Profiling Journey Redefined for SBI and Yono

Risk profiling for mutual funds can be tricky. It is very important to frame the questions and answer options correctly in order to assure the user that all his aspects are covered to the level of satisfaction.

OTT App Design for sports fans

Firstlight Media is a Canada-based company that provides managed services for the distribution of premium video to IP-connected devices. The company's cloud-native platform powers video services for Tier 1 streaming providers.Their brief was to make an app that would host their VOD content for the consumers. They focused on the specific NBA consumers section on the first stage of the project.

Features added :
1. Live Chat and Watch Party : Both these features help you enjoy your favourite chat with friends and double up the excitement.
2. Live Prediction and Applause : Views can predict during the live game and see the poll. You can also mark your applause moments to relive them later.
3. Schedule and Invite Friends : Schedule matches and send calendar invites to your friends to book the timing.
4. Live stats :Live stats is a key feature required for ball freaks to monitor their progress very carefully.
5. Multiview : 2 important matched going on together? Have a multiview and dont miss on either one of them.